Preparing to welcome a new member of the family - or perhaps you're looking to spoil your oldest friend? SENJWARM's range of dog supplies has everything you need to keep your furry friend happy and healthy all under one roof - so, explore the tail-waggingly good selection today!


  • Food

    Dish up nothing but deliciousness for your pooch with our brilliant dog food shop.

  • Treats

    You'll find an enticing selection of nutritious, delicious dog treats on our virtual shelves ready to spoil your pup.

  • Beds & Furniture

    Every pooch needs a safe place to call their own - From plush picks to weatherproof options, you’ll both be spoiled for choice…

  • Apparel & Accessories

    If you’re the proud owner of a pampered pooch, you’ll want to get your paws on apparel & accessories.

  • Collars, Harnesses &...

    Showcasing an array of sizes, styles, and patterns, you'll find the perfect pick to keep your pup safe and stylish - a win-win all round!

  • Houses, Kennels & Pens

    Every pup needs a home that makes them feel snug and secure - and one that they can retreat to if they need some canine-only time.

  • Feeding & Watering...

    Make every mealtime a breeze with extensive range of dog feeding supplies and dog watering supplies

  • Training & Behavior Aids

    Training your pup is an incredibly rewarding experience - but it's definitely not the easiest!

  • Litter & Housebreaking

     We have everything from essentials for your home to nifty tools when you're out and about on their daily walk!

  • Carriers & Travel...

    Your pup will be comfortably accommodated for with our fantastic selection of dog transport supplies and dog travel supplies.

  • Health Supplies

    Brimming with essential supplies and treatments that’ll ensure your pup’s health and happiness is always on top form.

  • Grooming

    If you’re the proud owner of a preened pooch, you’ll want to ensure they’re getting the full head to tail treatment each time.

  • Toys

    With fabulous range of dog toys and puppy toys, your pet will benefit from a blast of exercise whilst they have the most fun!

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