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SENJWARM LED Grow Light for...

[Widely Used]--This seed starting light work well for all seeding indoor, it could be used for both hydroponics and indoor plants like succulent, micro greens, clones, lettuce, chili, tomatoes. Work perfect as a light supplemental.

Price $38.98

Grow Light, Plant Lights...

80 Full Spectrum LEDs:

This LED lamp has grow lights made up of 80 efficient growing LEDs (52 red and 28 blue). The red light promotes photosynthesis, germination, bloom and fruit-bearing. The blue light ensures the plants take in more energy through chlorophyll synthesis to help with germination. This professional grow lamp stimulates plant growth by multi-directional illumination.

Price $28.99

SENJWARM Grow Light, Full...

  • LCD Display Timer: The 96W grow light has an easy-to-use LCD display, which can set the on-time from 00:10 to 23:50. The set-time and time-remaining are clearly displayed on the LCD screen, convenient for monitoring how much time is left in the cycle.
Price $28.99

SENJWARM 11 Pieces Garden...

【FULL SET OF GARDENING TOOLS】SENJWARM complete gardening tools consist of 11 tools. You will get six hand tools, a carrying tote, a plant rope, two pairs of gardening gloves and a sprayer, can to meet all your gardening needs.

Price $67.98